The "International Housing and Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC) has been held every three years since 1978, providing a forum where housing construction and home warranty/insurance issues are discussed by world-wide sector participants.

IHHWC ‘s nucleus is IHHWA (International Housing and Home Warranty Association) which provides a platform for new home warranty organizations around the world to build business relationships and share business information and intelligence. Please visit www.ihhwa.com for details.

The 14th IHHWC will be held from Sunday 5th to Wednesday 8th of November 2017 in Tokyo and will focus on new home building techniques, regulations, consumer satisfaction, warranty/insurance to protect home owners and housing finance. Home builders, warranty/insurance providers, regulators, related institutions/organizations, professors, and government personnel will make presentations and participate in the associated panel discussions.

Tokyo is changing dramatically with a view to host the 2020 Olympics, and participants have a variety of opportunities to see both new and old Tokyo. Social programs are full of the tastes of Japan.

An additional feature of the 14th IHHWC is that IHA (International Housing Association) interim meeting will follow the conference. Consequently, due to the attendance and presentations by IHA members, IHHWC Tokyo will have a very broad coverage of issues in regard to housing construction and home warranty."

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