IHHWC 2017 (greeting from the chairman)


Ryu Yano
Chairman of IHHWC 2017 Executive Committee

In November 2017, Japan will act as host country to hold the International Housing and Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC).

The IHHWC is an international conference on housing construction and performance warranties held once every three years, which hosts wide-ranging discussions and enjoys the participation of representatives from warranty agencies and government institutions, builders, and experts in housing.

Recent years have seen a range of factors that threaten the safety and wellbeing of people across the world. These include large-scale natural disasters, widespread food shortages, scarcity in natural resources, poverty deriving from wealth inequality, and international conflicts.

With these issues in consideration, the Conference theme is “The Role We play in Housing that Contributes to Realizing Sustainable Societies”. We would like to provide a venue for exchanging information on current status, challenges and prospects among people from housing suppliers, warranty agencies across countries, hoping that it would be a chance to reconsider our role in this space.

Please use this opportunity to both gather the latest information across variety of fields and build relations with industry groups.

We look forward to meeting you here in Tokyo.

IHHWC 2017 Chairman Message and the Outline of the Conference

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