Social Events

IHHWC2017 offers a variety of events including traditional Japanese attractions.

Welcome Reception on Nov. 5

Dress code: Relaxed casual

Opening Ceremony on Nov. 6

Dress code: Business casual

“Kiyari song”
The history of those songs goes almost 500 years back in Edo era, “Kiyari song” is a labor song that was popularly sung by people who are fire fighters or workmen.
Now only limited people keep this traditional culture and perform when celebrating the outset of events such as wedding ceremonies.
This performance will be a suitable for the IHHWC 2017 opening ceremony.

Japan Dinner on Nov. 6

Dress code: Relaxed casual

Technical Visit on Nov. 7

Course1: Prefabricated Housing Exhibit Site (Sekisui House Yume-Dream Factory)

Sekisui House Yume-Dream Factory is an interactive facility of houses and houses to be built.

The facility discloses the secrets to make comfortable and peaceful dwelling where not only the state-of-the-art technology applied to houses, the visitors can experience an earthquake simulation or see the structure inside the wall that is invisible when the house is completed.

Seeing is believing. See, touch, and feel the modern prefabricated houses.
Lunch: Chateau Kamiya

Images are illustration purposes only.

Chateau Kamiya was built by Denbei Kamiya in 1903 and designed important cultural property in 2008.
It is famous for a first quality wine brewery in Japan and people can feel latest style of vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France.

Course2: Kamakura

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
Founded at its present location by Yoritomo Minamoto in 1180, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu remains one of the most popular shrines in the Kanto region. The main hall at the top of the stairs affords a magnificent view of Kamakura along Wakamiya Oji street.

Jomyoji Temple
Jomyoji Temple was the family temple of the Ashikaga clan. The temple itself was established in 1188, but the buildings have suffered repeated fires over the centuries so that only a historic main hall, reception hall, main gate and warehouse remain today. The main hall sits at the end of a garden and houses a statue of Shaka Nyorai, the historical Buddha. In addition, you can enjoy Japanese green tea, matcha and sweets.

Hokokuji Temple
Hokokuji Temple is one of the Zen temples which belong to Kenchōji Temple of Rinzai Sect. It was established by Tengan Eko in 1334 (the first year of Kenmu-era) to commemorate Ashikaga Ietoki, grandfather of Takauji, first of the Ashikaga Shōguns.

Kenchoji Temple
Kenchoji Temple is the foremost of Kamakura's five renowned temples and was built in 1253 as a center for Zen Buddhism, featuring the first landscape garden in Japan to be laid out in Zen style. The main hall of the temple contains a wooden stature of a seated Jizo Bosatsu, a guardian deity for children.

Lunch: Hachinoki

Images are illustration purposes only.

There is the murmur of a water stream at the traditional Japanese style garden. Surely you can feel the fluctuating seasons of Kita-Kamakura and enjoy Japanese traditional cuisine with genuine fresh ingredients.

Gala Dinner on Nov. 8

Dress code: Semi-formal attire

Activities for Accompanying Persons offered by Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Reservations are required for all activities, and they are charged except the Garden Tour. Please check each website for details.
These programs are prepared only for the hotel guests.

Tea Ceremony Experience

The trained tea master will lead a tea ceremony at a traditional Japanese tea house located in the garden. Experience one of the intangible Japanese cultures under the tranquil silence.

Garden Tour

The garden is full of nature and history, which will be guided by a hotel staff. The more you learn, the more you feel attached to where you are visiting.

Japanese Language Lesson

The lesson will give you confidence to tour around Japan and help you enjoy more of Japan. You will also learn a bit of Japanese culture and manners included in the phrases.

Traditional Kimono Fitting

You have choice which Kimono you want to try, and an expert will visit your room to assist you with the fitting. You can keep it on all day for the tea ceremony, lunch or dinner if you want.

Tours for Accompanying Person

* Pick up service from Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is available.

Mt. Fuji-Hakone Return by Shinkansen *

If there were anything you could call "the Mt. Fuji tour", this would probably be it! Our most popular tour of any destination, this day trip from Tokyo takes you right to Mt. Fuji first thing in the morning and then actually takes you up the mountain itself. After lunch, sightseeing continues in popular Hakone with a Lake Ashi cruise and a gondola ride on one of Hakone's ropeways. You can return to Tokyo by Shinkansen, Japan's famous bullet train.
Cost: JPY 17,500 (as of April 2017)

Dynamic Tokyo *

Visit four of Tokyo's popular sightseeing spots on this 1-day tour: Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace Plaza, Sumida River Cruise, and Senso-ji Temple. Participants will also enjoy the cultural experience of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony on this popular Tokyo tour.
Cost: JPY 12,000 (as of April 2017)

Kyoto Train & Hotel Package Tour by Bullet Train

This is our Shinkansen bullet train & hotel package plan. You can get a discount of up to 34%! Just choose the package length, train type, and departure time on the website. Pick up service from Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is not available.
Cost: JPY 22,500 (as of April 2017)

Sunrise Highlight-4 Days *

Visit Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto and Nara on this Golden Route tour. This tour makes round-trip from Tokyo. In Hakone, stay in a hotel with its own hot springs bathing facilities. Enjoy soaking in natural hot springs!
Cost: JPY 92,000 – JPY 207,100 (as of April 2017)

Nikko World Heritage Tour

Enjoy a visit to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a registered World Heritage Site. Visit Kegon Falls, counted among the greatest waterfalls in Japan. Travel around famous sightseeing spots in Nikko.
Cost: JPY 13,500 - JPY 49,200 (as of April 2017)

Hatobus Tour

Tour guides with proficient knowledge of Japanese history and culture provide reliable and reassuring guide service to all the honored guests even if it is the first time for them in Japan. Various tours in Tokyo city or heading for Mt. Fuji or Hakone are provided.

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